Indigenous ServicesStudent Experience

IS Vision/Purpose/Goals



Indigenous peoples are nourishing their Learning Spirits, actively engaging in the Western community through Indigenous Knowledge exchanges, fostering lifelong learning, and shaping leaders of tomorrow.


Inspire Indigenous students to realize their full potential through a culturally responsive space, services, and advocacy that encourage wholistic and strength-based approaches to learning.


1.Increase Indigenous presence and inclusion across the University
2.Increase Indigenous outreach, access, and engage Indigenous communities
3.Increase Indigenous student transition, retention, graduation and advancement

Guiding Principles

IS takes a strength-based approach to supporting Indigenous students’ self-determination through a spirit of helping and serving through Indigenous ways.


Academic Excellence means taking full responsibility for one’s educational journey, honouring commitments, and learning from every experience.


Balance involves the establishment of personal and professional relationships, as well as a sense of holistic health and well-being.


Collaboration requires the building of healthy friendships, networks, and partnerships reaching out for positive supports, and working together as a community.


Diversity recognizes the ways in which people differ individually and through social groups, and accepts and values diverse experiences, ideas, perspectives, and values.


Equity & Inclusion recognizes that peoples’ experiences are shaped by many social factors – making equity initiatives often necessary to eliminating barriers and promoting equal access in education. Inclusive education also recognizes that people thrive when they see themselves reflected in their learning, surroundings, and broader environment.


Interconnection recognizes the significance of every human relationship inclusive of all Creation across seven generations.


Personal & Cultural Identity recognizes and supports the significance of knowing one’s history, worldview, spiritual practices, and finding strength in one’s personal, cultural and community story.


Respect requires active listening, self-reflection, personal humility, and full appreciation of all living beings within the circle of life and natural environment.